Letter to the editor, published in the Jacksonville Journal-Courier on April 23, 2009.
To the editor:

What a wonderful resource we have right in our town. Of course, we are referring to the Town Brook.

Walter and I were recently discussing about how beautiful that section of the Town Brook is that flows through the MacMurray College campus. If you would like to see for yourself, go to South Clay Street next to MacMurray.

We both walked that area, and we were impressed. The banks had been smoothed enough to plant grass, and some small wooden bridges had been installed for access to college areas, both north and south. There were picnic tables and beautiful small trees that had been planted. We were so impressed we even took some pictures.

In further discussion, Walter and I discussed what a wonderful project this would be for service clubs, environmental groups and others in cooperation with city government leaders to work cooperatively to construct a walking, running and bicycle path through the city along the Town Brook.

In fact, in our dreams, we saw picnic areas and small decorative trees along the way. Even beds of perennial wild flowers could be planted by local gardeners. This way, maintenance would be minimal.

Of course, we also took some pictures of some areas where picnic sites and just places to sit would be nice and labeled these areas.

C’mon Jacksonville! Let’s all get together and really beautify this natural part of our city.

Walter L. Meyer
retired physician
William D. Meyer
retired public health administrator
both of Jacksonville, Illinois 62650