We’re going to have a meeting to kick around ideas and try to find more people who support the concept of a park along the Town Brook here in Jacksonville.

Come on out at 7 pm Wednesday April 18th at the meeting room downstairs at the Jacksonville Public Library. We’re looking to boost community interest in the Town Brook, and in a bike path out to Lake Jacksonville. We’re also looking for volunteers, civic organizations and resources to help in a proposed cleanup day. If you can’t come and you would still like to help in the future email us and we’ll add you to our contact list or call Steve Warmowski 217.245.4178.

The city already owns and maintains most of the land adjoining the creek from Hardin to Lincoln. Would be nice to try to have people be able to use the land as a walking path. Long term the community can add property and potentially expand and link all the way out to Massey Lane and Wal-Mart. We can dream! There’s also a plan somewhere in some desk at Morgan County for a bike route to Lake Jacksonville, would be great to push that idea along as well.