Steve Warmowski was interviewed by Gary Scott on WLDS/WEAI’s AM Conversation segment Monday morning 30 April 2012. Listen to segment on YouTube (link to video). This was following Jacksonville Alderman Lori Large Oldenettel’s previous appearance to talk about plans for a clean up project along the Town Brook. We would like to support this effort, as well as think long-term about creating a linear park along the Town Brook for all to enjoy.

Listen to the segment for full details. One of the questions Gary asked was about liability for the city with a waterway. Steve replied the liability is already there, and actually managing the stream with sides that are sloped back more would make it safer. Steve has seen small boys playing in the creek. You’re not going to keep little boys from playing with frogs, embrace it and give them a place with frogs where they can play.

Also mentioned was Champaign being a great example of what can be done with their flood control work and public space creation along Boneyard Creek near Campustown, University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign. On the local front, MacMurray College has already accomplished a lot with their work on south campus. They pulled back the banks of the Town Brook, integrating the waterway with the campus.

Thanks again to Gary Scott and WLDS WEAI radio for helping us educate the community about a great potential resource for Jacksonville, Illinois 62650.

Posted by Steve Warmowski – Thanks to Jonathan Roth from Music Source Professional Disc Jockey for technical help with audio conversion and to Matthew Stevens from Stevens DJ Service for MP3 conversion advice. Thanks again to Gary Scott and WLDS WEAI for allowing us to post the audio.