Dear Jacksonville City Council Members,

I’m a resident of Jacksonville, an avid bicyclist and a public spaces enthusiast. I support the proposal to engineer the Jacksonville Town Brook into a trail-way and recreational area.

I have lived in a couple of cities that had areas such as what is being proposed to the Council regarding the Town Brook. And I will say that these types of areas become outstanding, well-used focal points in the community. I would encourage you to look up Farmington, NM & their river walk or Durango, Colorado to Farmington’s North. These river walks are on a much greater scale than our Town Brook, but the concept is basically the same. These areas also expand into the community with time – a donated bit of land here or there, a little extra in the budget for painting in a bike lane, and in a few years you could have an inter-connecting park system that spans the entire town. Connections for everyone’s schools, businesses, and neighborhoods. I say this because I’ve seen it first-hand, when I visited both Durango & Farmington this last summer, I found both cities expanding their river walks well beyond where they were when I lived there seven years ago.

I hope my input helps, and I look forward to the day when we do have a recreational by-way in Jacksonville, and then our little Town Brook could be mentioned on a “things to do and see” website.

CJ Bahan

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