As Director of the Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau I am writing in support of expanding or improving the Jacksonville Town Brook in Jacksonville, Illinois.

This improvement would help the Jacksonville area in many ways. One important way is that it will improve the image of Jacksonville for our many visitors and tourists. A recreational area would boost the quality of life in Jacksonville, and having a place to go with a child would be a great attraction for families, inside and outside of Jacksonville. Improving the look of the brook will also help many businesses in Jacksonville along Morton Avenue. A more beautiful Town Brook will help attract people to our city. And, as head of the Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, I welcome any and all visitors to our area, as it helps generate revenue for the city in multiple ways including lodging, dining, purchasing gasoline, and shopping. These visitors can also visit our tourism spots and help generate awareness by word of mouth marketing!

The Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau supports this improvement to the Jacksonville Town Brook. We thank you for your consideration and look forward to the growth and added benefits that this will create in our community.

Brittany Henry, Executive Director

Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

September 2012