The Source newspaper ran a profile on Kate Roth, including her involvement in Girls on the Run and her work to bring the program to Jacksonville, Illinois 62650. “Girls on the Run seeks to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.”  Town Brook would love groups like this to use a Town Brook recreational path to get children into running and a lifetime of healthy living. 

By Mindy Farmer/The Source Newspaper June 20-26, 2013

Kate Roth remembers the first time her kids recognized their mother’s voice announcing the Jacksonville Downtown Celebration in a radio ad. She was sitting in Applebees, perusing the menu, when they drew her attention to the radio. The kids loved hearing their mother’s distinctive Australian accent on local radio, and she smiled, recalling how it all started.
In the fall of 2009, two friends independently asked Kate to lend her voice to their business voicemail messages. Not long after, Kate discovered an “Introduction to Voice Over ” course while looking through the Lincoln Land Community College catalog. She always enjoyed seeking new learning opportunities and probably would not have noticed this class, except for her recent experience recording for friends. Kate decided to attend the evening class in Springfield and was intrigued by the recording process.
An intensive weekend course followed in Chicago, including the opportunity to record a first demo. The demos were produced by a company independent from the course, giving students the opportunity to meet individuals from the recording industry. At the close of Kate’s recording session, the company representative “offered me a job before I even walked out the door, ” Kate recalls. “This really buoyed me, ” she says, and encouraged her to pursue her new interest.
Kate opened her home recording studio in 2010. She records from a converted space in her home, allowing her to care for her three children and to work in the studio throughout the day. She subscribes to several professional sites that send audition opportunities her way. For Kate, each audition is a chance to practice her skills, so she doesn’t let her distinctive accent deter her. Some companies are seeking only American accents, but others appreciate her unique voice-over talents.
The majority of Kate’s voice-overs are recorded in her home studio and are self-directed, but she occasionally travels for work. Kate traveled to Chicago most recently to record a tutorial for a cosmetology company. They are reaching out to the Australian market, so her voice proved a perfect fit. She recorded in two four-hour sessions to keep from losing her voice. While Kate enjoys recording individually, she also appreciates the opportunity to receive direction and work collaboratively.
In addition to her recording work, Kate works as the Morgan County Coordinator for Girls on the Run. Kate heard about the program a few years ago from fellow running enthusiasts and loved the core beliefs behind it. She decided to work with other volunteers to spread Girls on the Run beyond Sangamon County and introduce it to Jacksonville.
Girls on the Run encourages girls “to think outside the girl box,” Kate explains, and inspires them to be joyful, healthy, and confident. Through the program, girls in 3rd through 8th grades learn life skills through positive, dynamic lessons and running games. The girls have a goal during the year to participate in and complete a 5K.
Kate appreciates how the program teaches life skills in a very positive way, preparing girls both emotionally and physically to set and complete their goals. The idea is to complete the 5K at the end, but Kate says, “They determine how to cross the finish line. They can walk, hop, skip, or jump.” She is excited by how quickly the program has grown over the past few years, and looking forward to seeing it expand to surrounding areas next fall.
She is also able to use her professional skills as a nurse to volunteer as the school nurse at Our Savior’s School. She hasn’t practiced professionally full time since beginning her family but participates in continuing education to maintain her license. Volunteering in the school provides a fun opportunity to help her community and utilize her skills.
Kate came to the United States 17 years ago from London as a traveling nurse. She laughs that she has “itchy feet ” and left Australia as a traveling nurse to experience different countries. Kate never intended to move away from Australia permanently but meeting her husband, John, changed those plans. The Roths will celebrate 15 years of marriage this October and enjoy traveling and experiencing the world together.

Story, used with permission. Thanks to The Source and Mindy Farmer!