Getting some great entries for the history project — and Ken Bradbury is getting inspired! Info/entry information on web page. Please send in your stories, talk to people who grew up along the Town Brook, help juice things up! Some sample stories . . .

  • One of the local grade schools took a field trip down there. My grandson went and I stopped by since I was the local expert. They started off by giving the kids a whole long list of rules of what they could and couldn’t do. I kept wanting to say, “Hell, it’s a creek. Kids are supposed to play in the creek. If somebody gets hurt then they’ll start making their own rules.”
  • If you were a kid who lived along the creek and you wanted to catch crawdads then you had to figure out how to do it without any equipment. Now I suppose you can go to Wal-Mart and buy a crawdad catcher made in China or somewhere. All the fun and imagination is gone.

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Thanks to friend of the Town Brook Dr. Jerry Osborne for suggesting and helping to sponsor this contest. And thanks to Our Town Books for gift certificates.