As we still look for stories, characters and connections to Jacksonville’s waterways, MacMurray College Historian Lauretta Scheller found this dispatch from May 6, 1977 — college paper The Daily Other: FLOOD EXTRA! You can still be a part of this project by sending your history/memory to us — about the Town Brook and Mauvaisterre Creek, Jacksonville Illinois 62650 waterways — on the History Project page. Please submit now, for Ken Bradbury needs to get his play going by the end of December.


By Dave Guenther

When five inches of rain mix with a campus built in a hole in the ground, no one expects much good to come of it. Last night, hove, showed that there is a spirit of comradeship, goodwill and adventure at Mac.
When the “MacMurray River” (Town Brook) overflowed its banks about 10 p.m. yesterday, the fun started with headlong slides and jumps into the water. An inner tube, which was sucked under the bridge as Denny Moore narrowly escaped, only whetted the appetites of the adventure seekers.
The night then progressed to diving off the bridge when Walt Haas took the first daring leap into the swirling murky water. Another favorite pastime seemed to be swimming across the river, then about 30 feet wide.
A new sport for the ’80 Olympics may be car pushing, begun when enough half-witted, exuberant students ran into a parking lot full of stalled, flooded autos. Another group of volunteers helped to bail out Kendall basement as the residents piled their belongings on shelves, dressers and desks.
Between several fireworks displays, three fire engines showed up to take care of a blown boiler in a house across from Norris, and a number of students showed up to help rescue Hazel.
Rick Zofkie managed to rescue her dog, and Hazel accepted an invitation to stay with her “little girls” from Kendall.
When the excitement slowed down, a new sport was discovered in Blackstock basement – hall sliding. It turned out, though, that bare buttocks slid better wet than wet clothes as Second Floor sponsored intramural buttock skiing.