The Audubon Woods Mountain Bikers will have a trail cleanup 1pm Saturday March 22nd. Starting on Woods Lane between Country Club Road & Vandalia on the east end of Lake Mauvaisterre, there will be a much-needed litter cleanup in & around the Emma Mae Leonard Wildlife Sanctuary and Audubon Woods Recreation Trails.

From organizer CJ Bahan: I would like to invite you to join me. If you’re unfamiliar with this area, it is a user-maintained, public space here in Jacksonville open to walkers, runners, birders, cyclists, canoeists, etc. Please bring trash bags, gloves, pick-up sticks, & anything else you may need. This will be a non-sponsored, crowd-sourced event. Please dress for the weather, however if the weather is too bad I will re-schedule. If the ground is too soft & muddy on the trails, we will only do clean-up on the roadsides around the Sanctuary. Please share with your friends, thanks! Follow the Facebook event for updates.

This is a crowd-sourced, independent cleanup. No age restrictions like with the city’s cleanups (this spring’s scheduled for 9-11am April 12th – from Foreman’s Grove upstream to Hardin).