Buster Sanitation Services (PDC Area) provides curb-side recycling under contract with Jacksonville and South Jacksonville. In Jacksonville last year Buster switched to pickups on the 2nd and 4th weekdays, lending to some confusion.

Recycling is easy in the community with single stream recycling. You don’t have to sort this or that, just toss everything into a cardboard box, bag or a reusable tote. Most paper (no waxed cardboard or plastic & sticky labels from junk mail); most plastic (up to number 5 — no #6 styrofoam, and only #7 narrow neck containers); Glass (clear, blue, brown or green – never ceramic mugs/plates or flat/window glass); and metal are recyclable.

Buster now has handy guides on their web page you can download and print. Download a recycling guide, and PDFs of the schedules . . .

South Jacksonville (once a month)


If you have questions contact Buster via web form or call 217.245.7204. Recycling stream heads to Decatur’s Midwest Fiber Recycling.

If you don’t live in the city/village (or if you do, but live in a large building and don’t get curb-side pickup) you can always take your items direct to Buster’s facility at 2263 State Highway 104 during weekdays 5:30 am-5 pm.