by Harry Ford

Take the League of Illinois Bicyclists interactive bike safety quiz today. Improve your knowledge of the Rules of the Road and techniques for sharing the roadways among all drivers, riders and pedestrians. It is actually much more a learning experience than a quiz. Developed by the LIB Board and membership, the learning quizzes have been approved by Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State.
Illinois Mayor’s Bicycle Safety Challenge. This month, LIB launched the Mayor’s Bicycle Safety Challenge, a new campaign that engages Illinois cities at the local level. We invited 400 Illinois mayors to join the challenge and lead by example in encouraging their residents to take the educational bicyclist or motorist quiz at
Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard issued a proclamation at the city council meeting Monday May 11th 2015 declaring Bike Safety Week. LIB, Morgan Cyclists and all area bicyclists encourage everyone—bicyclists and motorists alike—to join thousands of your fellow Illinoisans by participating in this far-reaching road safety program.