By Harry Ford

The League of Illinois Bicyclists (LIB) is the statewide advocate for all Illinois bicyclists, promoting bicycle access, education, and safety.  Our vision:  “Illinois – Land of Safe and Enjoyable Bicycling for all.”
VISION STATEMENT — Illinois – Land of Safe and Enjoyable Bicycling for all.

MISSION STATEMENT — The League of Illinois Bicyclists is the statewide advocate for all Illinois bicyclists and bicycling; promoting bicycle use, access, education, and safety.


  1. Maintain and increase access to public facilities for bicycles which will encourage their use for
    transportation, health and recreation.
  2. Educate bicyclists and motorists about their mutual rights and responsibilities.
  3. Educate bicyclists on safe cycling skills.
  4. Develop an active communications network at all levels of government throughout the state; to give voice to the needs of bicyclists.
  5. Increase the organization’s impact and effectiveness through strategic collaborations.


The vision, mission and objective statements are, like most, a bit broad and abstract, but consider the following excerpts from LIB’s short- and long-term goals list to begin to see how they manifest in specific programs:

  • Ensure that all Illinois bicyclists and motorists are exposed to bicycle safety principles and “Share the Road” training, especially grade school and Driver’s Education students
  • Increase the amount of municipal bicycle planning assistance [to community planners].
  • Work for adoption of Complete Streets (routine accommodation of bicyclists and pedestrians) road design and development policies by local government agencies.
  • Work with IDOT to implement recommendations of the state bike plan.
  • Start a Capital Improvement Program campaign to review and provide bike-friendly suggestions to towns on their upcoming road project list.
  • Conduct a “mayors’ bike challenge” to enlist local officials to take the quizzes and then encourage their constituents to do so.

In short, here is how LIB works for you . . .
LIB works with local, state, and federal officials on behalf of bicyclists.

  • Advocate bike-friendly road designs and policies
  • Promote trail development and funding at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Educate officials on why and how their towns can be bicycle-friendly
  • Develop bicycle safety education programs for cyclists and motorists
  • Serve on transportation policy-making committees
  • Propose legislation and other programs protecting cyclists’ rights on the roads

LIB works with individual bicyclists to guide their local efforts.

  • Make it easy for you to have an impact by distilling issues down to simple action alerts
  • For those wanting to get more involved locally, serve as technical, strategic, and organizing resource
  • Distribute information and answer questions on bike safety, bike laws, rides and clubs, and much more

Want to get involved in making Illinois – and Jacksonville – a “safe and enjoyable” bicycling place? Go to