As folks in town are voting for Jacksonville in the PetSafe Bark for Your Park contest, we have been getting lots of feedback that the Facebook app is buggy on phones and tablets. Thanks so much for trying! We are doing well in the contest, and please keep voting using the web page. Here’s some screen shots to help you vote on mobile devices . . .

In Facebook, search for “Bark for Your Park 2015”


Select the app (the one with the green box icon)


Open the App


Type in 62650, click Search then select Jacksonville, IL




Note that after you search the first time, the next time you tap the search bar the Bark for Your Park app will show up on your search list (so one step will be eliminated).

After you are done you can also vote using the web pageBark twice a day.

These screen shots are from an iPhone. If there is a difference using Android, or if you find a more efficient way, please let us know.