This is it! Voting in the final round of PetSafe’s Bark For Your Park contest starts noon Wednesday, and you can help Jacksonville win $100,000 for a new dog park.

The Jacksonville Park Foundation, PAWS and others are working to build community support — but this is a community-wide effort and your help is needed for Jacksonville to win. Here’s some things you can do . . .

  • Vote twice a day starting noon Wednesday June 17th. You can bark once on the web at and then again on Facebook at
  • Get friends to like our Jacksonville Bark for Your Park on Facebook and refer friends to our portal website to learn how to vote.
  • If you run a web page or a email list, add contest info to your messaging (see end of post for sample text). Have your club, church or group get the message out.
  • Contact Production Express 217.243.4258 and they can add your logo to a template they have and make cards for you to hand out at your business. Or, go to PetSafe’s web site and get promotional graphics you can use or customize.
  • Add Bark for Your Park info to your advertising. Tell people to go to to learn how to vote.
  • Have your business offer a short-term incentive to get your customers involved (idea borrowed from a winning town). Such as get us to XX,XXX votes by this day, and we’ll donate money to PAWS or do a half-price/free stuff offer. You can contact Steve Warmowski 217.245.4178 or use the contact form at the end of this post to set a target, coordinate and help spread the word.
  • Put up a banner from Lomelino Sign Co. 217.243.2444. They can use an image we sent them, or customize one of the contest templates.

Here’s some sample text . . . PetSafe​ sponsors the Bark for Your Park​ contest because communities with dog parks have fewer dogs abandoned in shelters and fewer dogs euthanized. So help Jacksonville win $100,000 by liking Jacksonville’s contest Facebook page. Info on how to vote at Bark twice a day at 1) PetSafe and again 2) Facebook