Hollywood actress and dog lover Emily Berry jumped at the chance to make a video to help her hometown win $100,000 for a new dog park. Jacksonville leads the pack in the PetSafe Bark for Your Park online contest.

Berry is most known for appearances in commercials for Geico (titled Auctioneer) and a Dirty Dancing parody for United Healthcare (Our Song). She costarred on The Neighbors and Grey’s Anatomy and has acted in film, commercials, theater and web projects. For the public service announcement she grabbed some friends and a pair of rescue dogs to get the message out that towns with dog parks have fewer dogs abandoned at shelters and fewer dogs euthanized.


The video was shot beneath the foothills displaying the Hollywood sign and features dog actors Barney and Ellie Mae plus a friend who served as a third dog. “I could only handle two dogs,” Berry said. ”The dogs aren’t used to taking direction, so it was an adventure wrangling them.”

Ellie Mae was in a litter of puppies found in an abandoned house and adopted by Berry at 6 weeks. “I think she was a cheerleader in a past life, she’s a very enthusiastic dog,” Berry said. Also featured was Barney, a Lhasa Apso found on the streets at 6 months and adopted from Pasadena Humane Society by a buddy of Berry’s.

“A lot of my friends live in apartments and don’t have a place to play with their dogs,” Berry said. They like to come use her big back yard and also go to dog parks. Berry is a big supporter of dog rescues and has donated to the Protecting Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shelter in Jacksonville. Lisa Jackson, director of PAWS, suggested Berry as the perfect person to make a video and help the community.

The video appears on contest sponsor PetSafe’s YouTube channel. A link to the video, as well as links to vote, can be found at jaxbark.com or Jacksonville Bark for Your Park on Facebook.

Steve Warmowski, president of the Jacksonville Park Foundation which is coordinating with campaigners in the contest, said it takes less than half a minute a day for dog lovers and community boosters to vote. The community currently leads the pack in the contest which runs through July 22nd.

Berry lives in Van Nuys, California, and has a second dog Bubba, a rescue she found via PetFinder. “I could only wrangle two dogs, so Bubba is not in the video. But he’s very smart so he helped me write the script,” Berry joked. “He reminds me of Morgan Freeman.”

Video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep6dC7DlGWA&feature=youtu.be

Jacksonville is currently the national leader in the Bark for Your Park contest. PetSafe​ sponsors the​ contest because communities with dog parks have fewer dogs abandoned in shelters and fewer dogs euthanized. We need you to help push further ahead of the competition, and to win $100,000 for a new dog park for the community. You can help by recruiting people to the team. Like Jacksonville Bark for Your Park on Facebook and bark twice a day! 1) PetSafe http://bit.ly/1H4FII1 and again 2) Facebook http://bit.ly/1KmWkhh

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