The Jacksonville Public Library has a speaker series for those interested in gardening. Here’s the remaining speakers . . .

Dragonflies 7pm June 12
For centuries dragonflies have been a source of fascination and have inspired myths across many cultures. Dr. Lawrence Zettler, Hitchcock Professor of Biology from Illinois College and illustrator of the book Dragonflies of North America, will introduce you to many unique varieties of this incredible insect and answer your questions about their habits, habitat and lifecycle.

Bats in Illinois and Around the World 7pm July 10
Dr. Bryan Arnold, Assistant Professor of Biology at Illinois College, is a behavioral ecologist who studies the social behaviors of bats. Despite their small stature, they have a huge impact on their habitat and are currently under threat. Have your questions answered and learn more about the many surprising and positive contributions bats make to the local environment.

Climate, Soil and Critters 7pm August 14
Climate change is real and happening right now. Its impacts can already be seen on a local level. Duane Friend is an Environmental and Energy Stewardship Educator with the University of Illinois Extension Office who will walk you through what climate change is, how it will impact your garden and trees, what changes you can expect to see in the future and the steps you can take to combat it.

For updates check the Jacksonville Public Library web page and refer to the Butterflies, Bees, Gardens and Trees series PDF schedule.