Help the City of Jacksonville beef up its application for a state grant to complete the Lake Jacksonville Pedestrian and Bike Path. The City of Jacksonville voted unanimously to apply for a state grant via the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for the final phase of the Lake Jacksonville Recreational Trail. The grant will cover 80% of the cost. You can help improve our chances of landing the state grant by signing on now, for the deadline is in the 2nd week of March.

Good: Sign online petition

Better: Email a note stating “I support the City of Jacksonville’s effort to use a IDNR RTP Grant to complete a Lake Jacksonville Pedestrian and Bike Path” to Feel free to expand with information about your interest in the lake, nature, community, health, and the like. Bonus if you can get your group or company to send a letter, saying how the trail could benefit the community.

Best: Recruit people to do the above, and/or download a petition and get people to sign. Scan and send to

Send email, mail or drop off by Monday March 11 to or Greg Hillis, Benton & Associates, 1970 W Lafayette Ave, Jacksonville, IL 62650.

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Lake Jacksonville Pedestrian & Bike Path (under construction, Feb. 2019).